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The method employed, whether avoidance or absorption, does not matter, as long as the tank can mitigate damage in some way. Verb: To tank, or tanking, would be the action of performing the duties of the tank as described above.
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military fighting vehicle: infantry tank historical, cavalry tank historical, fast tank historical, cruiser tank historical, superheavy tank historical, tankette historical, bobbin tank historical, light tank, medium tank, heavy tank, main battle tank, MBT, flail tank, flame tank, flamethrower tank. Coordinate terms edit.
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Given that a tank crew will spend most of its time occupied with maintenance of the vehicle, engineering simplicity has become the primary constraint on tank design since the Second World War despite advances in mechanical, electrical and electronics technologies.
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a fuel / gas / propane tank. the contents of a tank, or the amount that it will hold.: a tank of sth The car can be driven 500 miles on a single 10-gallon tank of gas. in the tank.
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